Utilizing Seodity's Task System for Effective Work Organization


Seodity's Task system is essential to help you manage your SEO projects and streamline team collaboration. With this powerful tool, you can create, assign, and monitor tasks, ensuring that your projects stay organized and on track. In this knowledge base article, we will discuss the key features of the Task system and how to use them effectively.

Key Features of the Task System

1. Create New Task

To create a new task in Seodity, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the Task system. On the right, you can find two buttons, "Task" and "New Task."

  • Click on the "Add New Task" button.

  • Fill in the information, such as task name, description, and assignment.

  • Click "Save" to create the task.

2. Add Resources from Seodity Modules

Enhance your tasks by adding resources from Seodity's various modules, such as Organic Traffic, Paid Traffic, or Rank Tracker. To do so:

  • Click on the task to open its details

  • Select the checkbox next to the keyword from Organic Traffic, Paid Traffic, or Rank Tracker

  • Click the "Add Resources" button in the task window

3. Edit Task

To edit a task:

  • Click on the tasks button

  • Select the specific task and click on it

  • To change any detail, click on it and edit

4. Delete Task

To delete a task:

  • Click on the specific task

  • Change the status to "Done"

  • Go to the "Done" tab and choose the task

  • Click the "Delete" button

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