Paid Traffic

Good to know: Use Seodity's paid traffic to analyze your competitors' ads. This will give you an idea of the creatives they use, the keywords they target, and their targeting strategies. This data can be extremely valuable in helping you to create more effective ads and campaigns.

Seodity's paid traffic allows you to analyze the paid traffic that your website and your competitors' websites are receiving and identify opportunities to improve your online marketing strategies. With this feature, you can track the value of traffic a website is getting from paid ads and identify opportunities for improving paid traffic performance.

Here's how the paid traffic feature works in Seodity:

  1. Go to the "Paid Traffic" tab.

  2. Seodity will analyze the data from the website's analytics and extract information about the number of visitors that came from paid keywords.

  3. The results will be displayed in a table and graph, showing the paid traffic data over time, the breakdown of traffic by source and campaigns, and the cost of each click.

It's worth noting that Seodity's paid traffic feature allows you to analyze the paid traffic of your website as well as your competitors' websites. By analyzing your competitors' paid traffic, you can gain valuable insights into their online marketing strategies and identify opportunities to improve your own online marketing efforts. Additionally, you can also filter the data by source or campaign to get more insights about specific areas of your marketing efforts.

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