Data Explorer

Data Explorer allows you to fully explore and analyze the data collected by Seodity's crawler. It's designed for technical SEOs who want to go deeper than pre-defined issues and have full control over their data.

The Data Explorer allows you to create custom filters based on numerous parameters. This enables you to focus on specific areas of your website's performance and identify trends and patterns that may not be immediately obvious in the raw data.

How to set your filters in the Data Explorer:

You have two methods for that:

  1. You can click on a specific issue, and all of the filters will be set by Seodity.

  1. You can do it manually:

From displaying data on a specific property for a segment of pages to screening it out entirely across every crawled page, Data Explorer provides you with a high level of flexibility.

With Data Explorer, you're a simple click away from seeing every detail of each specific URL, including incoming and outgoing links, hreflang, pagination, duplicates, and resources. This level of detail can help you to identify and fix technical issues that may be affecting your website's performance.

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