Saving filters

The "saving filters" feature in Seodity's Rank Tracker allows users to create and save custom filters for their keyword rankings data. This feature can be used quickly and easily.

To use the "saving filters" feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the criteria you want to filter by, such as keyword, location, or device type.

Step 2: Specify the values you want to include or exclude, such as keywords that have moved up or down by a certain number of positions.

Step 3: Once you have created your filter, give it a name and click the "Save" button.

Step 4: Your saved filter will now appear on the presets, and you can apply it to your data with just one click.

By following these steps, you will be able to easily create custom filters for your keyword rankings data, allowing you to access the data that is most important to you quickly. This feature can save time and improve efficiency for SEO professionals and digital marketers, allowing them to focus on the most important data and identify which keywords are driving the most traffic and which are the most profitable for them.

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