Content Explorer

Content Explorer allows you to discover popular content and gain insights into what topics are currently resonating with audiences on the internet. With Content Explorer, you can explore the most popular web pages and gain a deeper understanding of what content is currently performing well.

Good to know: One of the key benefits of Content Explorer is its ability to help users identify popular content in their niche or industry. This can be especially useful for content marketers and SEO professionals looking for inspiration for their next blog post or article. By exploring popular web pages, users can gain a better understanding of what topics are currently resonating with audiences and use this information to inform their own content strategy.

Step 1: Choose the website you want to analyze, you can select yourself, but in this case, we will show you how to analyze competitors. Choose the competitor you want to analyze.

Step 2: Use the sorting and filtering feature to find web pages that belong to your competitors. You can sort and filter results via organic traffic. Click on the organic traffic column.

Step 3: Browse the estimated organic traffic volume of the web pages to get an understanding of the popular content on your competitor's website.

Step 4: Click on the web pages that you find interesting to view the webpage and read the content.

Step 5: Make a note of the topics and themes that are covered in the content and consider how they align with your competitor's overall inbound marketing strategy. Pay attention to the type of content they are creating, how often they publish new content, and what channels they are using to promote it.

Step 6: Repeat the process for multiple competitors to gain a broader understanding of the inbound marketing strategies that are being used in your industry.

Step 7: Compare the insights and ideas that you have gathered from your competitors to your own inbound marketing strategy. Identify any gaps or areas where you can improve your own strategy to better align with what is working for your competitors.

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