Keywords Cloud

With Seodity's Keyword Cloud, you can easily analyze the most frequently used keywords on a specific webpage. This powerful tool allows you to gain insight into the language and topics that are most relevant to your webpage's content.

To access the Keyword Cloud feature, first navigate to the "On-site" tab in Seodity.

Next, select the "Keyword Cloud" option. Here, you will be prompted to enter the URL of the webpage you want to analyze.

Once you've entered the URL, Seodity will generate a cloud of keywords, with the most frequently used keywords appearing in a darker color. The percentage of usage for each keyword is also displayed, allowing you to quickly see which keywords are most important for your webpage's content.

This feature is particularly useful for identifying the main topics of your webpage, as well as the language and terminology that are most relevant to your audience. It can also help you identify any gaps in your content and make informed decisions about which keywords to target in future content.

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