Cannibalization Alert


This tool is designed to help detect keyword cannibalization, a scenario in which multiple pages from the same website compete for the same keyword, potentially undermining your SEO efforts and visibility.

How the Feature Works

The Cannibalization Alert is represented as a unique icon, similar in appearance to the Pacman character eating another one, placed next to specific keywords. When the system detects potential cannibalization, the icon will appear, signaling that multiple URLs from your website compete for the same keyword, thus diluting the SEO impact.

Use Cases

Identifying Keyword Cannibalization

The primary use case of the Cannibalization Alert feature is to help you identify instances of keyword cannibalization. When you see the icon next to a keyword, this is an indication that there are potentially multiple pages on your website trying to rank for the same keyword.

Investigating the Issue

To dive deeper into the issue, click on the keyword associated with the cannibalization alert. This will open the keyword details view.

In this detailed view, navigate to the section titled "Indexed URLs." Here, you will see a table with columns labeled "URL" and "Position in the SERP".

  1. The "URL" column shows the list of your site's URLs that are trying to rank for the selected keyword.

  2. The "Position in the SERP" column shows each corresponding URL’s ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages.

These data allow you to identify which URLs might be conflicting with each other and causing keyword cannibalization.

An Example Scenario

For instance, suppose you have two blog articles on your website, both targeting the keyword "SEO best practices." After inputting your site and keywords into Seodity, you see the cannibalization alert icon next to "SEO best practices."

By clicking the keyword, you are presented with the Indexed URLs section. It shows that two blog post URLs from your site rank for "SEO best practices" their positions are 8 and 10 in the SERP, respectively.

This information lets you know that you might need to reconsider your keyword strategy for these pages, perhaps by adjusting the keywords used, combining the content, or redirecting one page to another.


The Cannibalization Alert feature in Seodity's Rank Tracker helps you detect and understand keyword cannibalization on your website. By identifying and addressing such issues, you can optimize your SEO strategy and improve your website's visibility in search results. Remember to regularly monitor your keywords for cannibalization alerts and react accordingly to maintain the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

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