Categorize keywords in the Rank Tracker

You can categorize your keywords in the Rank Tracker much more quickly and effectively.

Adding / editing / removing categories

Adding category to keywords

To add a category to the keywords, first, select those keywords, and next, click the category button.

You can type or choose the name of the category you have added before.

Editing category

To edit the category, select keywords and click the category button, and type or choose the name of the category.

To remove a category, select all of the keywords of each category and click the category button and choose the clear category button.

If you clean the category from every keyword, those categories will also disappear in the category selection.

Filtering categories

To filter specific categories, click on the filter button.

Select the column "category" in the "filter multiple columns" section.

In the value, you can select which category you want to filter on.

Filter multiple categories

To filter by multiple categories, click the "+" button next to the filtered category.

And again, select type in the column "Category" and choose the category in the value drop-down.

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