Adding Keywords

This tutorial will walk you through the simple process of adding keywords to Seodity's Rank Tracker. This guide will streamline your SEO workflow, which is ideal for SEO beginners and seasoned experts.

Video Tutorial

You can watch the full video tutorial here.

Step-by-Step Guide

Manual Addition of Keywords

  1. Click the "Add Keywords" button.

  1. You can add keywords manually by typing in the empty input. The next row will appear automatically.

  1. You can customize parameters like Country, Region, Language, Device or category

Adding Keywords for Local Tracking

  1. If you want to track keywords locally, just select the option Region, and write location.

  2. Seodity will automatically hint the location.

  1. You can also customize the language and device.

Adding Keywords by Pasting

  1. You can import keywords by clicking the "Import Keywords" button.

  1. You can paste keywords directly into the provided field.

Adding Keywords by Uploading Files

  1. You can also upload a file, for example, from Google Search Console. To do this, select the file, click "Open", and select the column.

  1. You can choose the column: keyword, country, region, language, and category.

  1. To import the keywords, click the "Import Keyword" button.

Bulk Keywords Edit

  1. You can also make a bulk keywords edit. To do this, select the keywords you want to edit or choose them all and click "Bulk Keywords Edit".

  1. Choose the parameter you want to edit and click the "Add Keywords" button.

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