AI Content Editor


The AI Content Editor is a handy tool for creating detailed articles using either specific URLs or chosen keywords. You can also create unique articles from the ground up with help from our AI Assistant. This assistant uses our wide-reaching SEO data to help you create powerful articles with great online visibility. In short, it makes sure your content is engaging and reaches a large audience.

Creating new article

To create a new article, follow these steps:

Go to the AI Content Editor and click the "Add New Article" button.

In the modal, write your article name, then select the article type and language.

If you've selected a type other than "Empty Article", you'll also need to provide a URL or keywords for the AI to base the article on. Additionally, please specify the article size you want the AI to generate.

Click "Create" - your article should be generated (if you didn't choose the "Empty article" type).

You can also look for the "Generate Article" buttons within the app. These buttons enable you to transition from data research to article generation swiftly. For instance, you can find them in the Content Explorer or Organic Traffic modules.

Optimizing and Preparing Website Articles Using AI Content Editor

After creating your content, repurposing an old piece, or writing a new article, it's useful to use an AI Content Editor. This tool quickly generates and improves content while adding your unique style.

Our AI Assistant is at your service for swiftly "Shorten", "Expand", "Simplify", or "Rephrase" any selected text as per your needs. Plus, a "Grammar Correction" feature is available if you simply wish to double-check the quality of your crafted content.

To create a new paragraph with the help of AI, use the "Paragraph" tool. Just write your paragraph title, select it, and click "Paragraph". Then, decide the length and click 'Generate'. The AI Assistant will write your paragraph. You can edit it further with other AI tools as needed.

A beneficial functionality of the editor is its ability to construct an FAQ section at the conclusion of an article, which can increase its likelihood of being featured in Google's "People Also Ask" section. All you need to do is right-click at the editor's end and opt for "FAQ". Subsequently, you feed in the questions and the system, powered by AI, seamlessly generates the corresponding answers.

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